Welcome to How Do You Teach That?

This wiki is a collaborative effort of the math teachers of Gladewater Middle School.

Our mission is to provide parents and students with examples of how we teach different concepts at Gladewater Middle School. We align our classes so that we teach each concept in a similar manner. Regardless of the grade level, the method is the same, so the examples will be helpful for everyone.

Please feel free to comment with questions or concerns.
Please remember to keep a positive atmosphere on the wiki.

Contact information:
Jamie Cook - 8th grade - cookj@gladewaterisd.com - http://mrs-cook-8th-grade-math.wikispaces.com/
Joann West - 8th grade - westw@gladewaterisd.com
Devin Lee - 7th grade - leed@gladewaterisd.com
Josh Yount - 7th grade - yountj@gladewaterisd.com
Candy Keller - 6th grade - kellerc@gladewaterisd.com- http://keller-math-gms.wikispaces.com/
Tracy Cates- 6th grade - catest@gladewaterisd.com